Snow guards assembly - how it works

Snow on pitched roofs can slip, and then damage either passers-by or parked cars. To avoid that, snow guards are a good option. How to mount them, you can read in this post.

Professional installation is important

To prevent snow falling on the roof, and to damage people or parked vehicles passing under the roof, snow guards are a good solution.

If you get a new roof, it is best to have the snow guards installed when you cover the roof - the effort is always a bit bigger afterwards.

Fastening the snow guard grille is usually done on the roof battens, so you must always remove a few shingles when retrofitting to attach the brackets. When doing so, always pay attention to any existing storm clips, which you must then attach again afterwards.

At what distance from the edge of the roof you should mount the snow guards, there are variously divided opinions, but as a rule this is almost always mounted behind the second row of roof shingles.

Working on the roof always requires sufficient expertise - if you do not have it, you should better leave the work to a professional roofer. Errors or carelessness when working on the roof can cause serious damage to the house.

Differences between snow guards and snow guards

  • Snow guards are not always suitable for very large amounts of snow
  • In thawing icicles may form on snow guards - this is not possible with snow guards
  • Snow guards usually require a lot of effort during assembly

Snow guards - Assembly step by step

  • Snow guards in sufficient length (roof width)
  • matching fasteners with galvanized screws
  • small scaffolding,
  • alternatively sufficiently long ladder (but not recommended)
  • if required securing material for intrinsic safety
  • suitable screwdriver and wrench

1. Determine roof width

To find out the required length of snow guards , you have to know your roof width, so in most cases you will have to measure it here first.

2. Setting up and securing the scaffold

Set up the scaffolding safely and stably. It absolutely must reach to the edge of the roof.

3. Mounting the brackets

Remove some roof shingles and screw the brackets firmly to the roof screen. Then hang up the shingles again. Mont 4. Assembling the Snow Guards

Attach the grids to the brackets, lightly screw them in place, and then align them. Once the grids are centered, you can finally tighten them.

Tips & TricksIn the case of especially high snow gusts, there are so-called snow tailpipes, which are also used for houses in high mountains. If necessary, access this alternative.

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