Small wastewater treatment plants without electricity

Mechanical parts and pump operation increase the costs and maintenance of small wastewater treatment plants. Many types of systems can also operate without electricity.

Areas of application for small wastewater treatment plants without electricity

The use of small scale wastewater treatment plants without electricity always makes sense. By eliminating pumps no power connection is needed, which would have to be made first.

In addition, the operating costs of the small sewage treatment plant are reduced, there are no disturbing operating noises. By eliminating mechanical parts reduces the maintenance of the small wastewater treatment plant and the wear.

There are several possibilities with regard to the technology used.

Types of small sewage treatment plants without electricity

  • classic biological alternatives
  • prefabricated plants
  • adaptation of classical systems for operation without external energy

classical biological alternatives

These include, for example, the plant water treatment plant. She gets along completely without electricity. The mechanical wastewater treatment can be done completely without external energy in a suitable sedimentation tank.

The further transport of the water takes place via a corresponding gradient. However, a good flow through the plant bed must be ensured.

Another alternative is the sewage pond. Here can even be dispensed with a mechanical pre-cleaning. Even trickling over trickle ditches offers a suitable alternative in individual cases.

Prefabricated plants

Some manufacturers offer plants specially designed for de-energized operation with different plant types - from the trickling filter to classic ventilated plants in the activated sludge process. The water transport is also here usually on a slope, otherwise on the water pressure.

Adaptation of classic systems for operation without external energy

If the terrain is suitable, conventional systems can also be adapted for operation without pumps. Ventilation can be done without electricity through wind-driven ventilation technology.

Tips & Tricks According to the authorities, very simple treatment measures can often be sufficient. In accordance with existing area then often already reaches a sewage pond.
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