Small wastewater treatment plants: Prices and costs

Construction costs

Various factors play a role in the construction costs of the small wastewater treatment plant. They are therefore very different in individual cases. The prices start at around 3,000 EUR, but can also be up to 20,000 EUR for medium-sized facilities.

System size

The most important factor is, of course, the size of the system. Minimum size for most plant types is 4 pe - ie 4 population equivalents. Up to a size of 50 PE, one speaks technically of small wastewater treatment plants.

Plant type

The plant type also plays an important role for the price. Technical plants such as SBR plants are generally much more expensive than near-natural processes - such as the plant water treatment plant or the sewage pond.

Cleaning class

The required cleaning class also plays a role in the selection of the system type. It is prescribed by the authority and must be adhered to.

Higher cleaning classes or additionally required cleaning services can exclude certain system types from the outset. You can also increase the cost of a small wastewater treatment plant very quickly.

Local conditions

The local conditions also play a decisive role in the price. Depending on the existing terrain structure, existing receiving water and the condition of the wastewater, these factors also have a decisive effect on the price of the wastewater treatment plant.

Costs during operation

The owner of a small wastewater treatment plant incurs energy costs as well as costs for sludge disposal and

maintenance and testing.
Energy costs

Some small wastewater treatment plants work completely without electricity. In other systems, a corresponding amount of external energy for the operation of pumps or ventilation is required. The amount of electricity depends on the plant type and size.

Sludge disposal

The resulting sewage sludge must be disposed of at regular intervals. For most plants this is once or twice a year. The costs are here with smaller plants at around 200 euros per disposal.

Maintenance and Inspection

According to the legal regulations, small wastewater treatment plants have to be serviced twice to three times a year. For this purpose, certain tests of the process quality must be carried out.

The costs for the inspectors and the maintenance depend on the type of plant, the size of the installation and the legal regulations. A maintenance contract offers a cost reduction in many cases.

Tips & TricksThe construction of a small sewage treatment plant can be supported by state funds. However, the owner has to pay for the costs during operation.

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