Skylight and rain - how can you protect yourself?

Opening the skylight window accidentally when it rains is probably the worst misfortune that can happen to you. The subsequent water damage can be considerable and cause great damage. The best way to protect yourself from oblivion is to read this article.

Protective options

Rain guard

Roof windows that have an electrical control system usually also have a so-called rain guard installed. Regardless of the ventilation programs set, this automatic switch closes the window automatically when rain occurs.

It will not be opened until the rainfall is over. Or the window is reopened at the next scheduled ventilation time, provided that programmed ventilation intervals have been set and then it no longer rains.

When retrofitting an automatic controller, a rain sensor is usually automatically integrated into the operating unit, at least for the brand manufacturers.

Electronic home automation control

Intelligent home control systems can also be operated on the go via smartphone or tablet. If one notices that one forgot to close the window, one can accomplish that easily over the telephone or the tablet, provided the electrical control of the window is connected to the building services system.

Normally, a rain sensor is integrated into the controller anyway, so you do not usually have to worry about it.

Forced ventilation function

Many brand roof windows have forced ventilation. If the striker is only halfway down, the room is permanently ventilated, but rain can not penetrate. If you always use the continuous ventilation, it will not open and you will not forget closing it.

Subsequent forced ventilation with heat exchanger

These ventilation systems, which can also be retrofitted without difficulty, have a higher air flow rate than many systems available from the outset. Bel The room is permanently ventilated with the required minimum air exchange rate. To do this, the heat from the exhaust air is transferred to the supply air with minimal losses (max. 10 - 15%). Thus, even in the cooler season, despite the continuous ventilation no valuable room heat is lost.

Tips & TricksYou can also retrofit roof windows with line-independent control units. Please note, however, that in this case you will not always have the option of connecting the roof windows and their shading to a remote-controlled building services system.

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