Skirting for the kitchen: protection against dirt and better appearance

Protection against contamination Küchen Kitchen cabinets usually have height-adjustable support feet, which serve to compensate for any uneven floors or differences in height and to bring the worktop and kitchen cabinets exactly in balance.

Since the kitchen does not lie directly on the floor, a lot of dirt can collect under the kitchen cabinets, which is difficult to remove. That's why most kitchens are factory-fitted with an exact trim.

In almost all cases, this panel is additionally equipped with a wiper lip, in order to additionally prevent the penetration of dirt under the kitchen cabinets and at the same time to protect the panel itself from the wiping moisture.

Veneering the support feet

In order to ensure a uniform appearance of the installed kitchen, this skirting board also serves to hide the support feet of the kitchen cabinets, and to create a visually uniform kitchen front.

functions of the kitchen panel

conceals the support feet of the kitchen cabinets

prevents the ingress of dirt under the kitchen cabinets

  • a wiper lip prevents moisture from penetrating under the kitchen cabinets when wiping
  • mounting the kitchen panel
  • the baseboard of the kitchen must be adjusted exactly - that is in In some cases, especially in the case of existing differences in height - often an artisanal tricky matter.

The best way to do that is to first bring the kitchen cupboards to exactly the same height, and then to accurately mark the differences in height at the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. Then you can adjust the aperture with some feeling relatively exactly.

The attachment of the panel is then different from kitchen manufacturer to kitchen manufacturer, and can be quite tricky in some cases alone.

Usually, the bezel is part of the kitchen when you buy it

As good as ever, when you buy a new kitchen, the bezel will automatically be included. So you usually need to get your own kitchen panel.

Tips & TricksDo when adjusting the kitchen panel in case of doubt, rather let the expert to work - a not exactly matching skirting board is very obvious and usually worth the little effort saved.

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