How much does a prefabricated cellar cost?

The various suppliers of prefabricated cellars have their fixed price lists, but special requests and difficult soil conditions increase the costs. We give you specific numbers as a guide.

Would you like a complete cellar?

You have the choice: If you opt for a complete cellar, the construction costs will obviously be in the upper range. As an alternative, there is an expansion cellar or a Mitbaukeller.

The last two variants require your active workforce, so you can save some costs. Of course you have to take into account the material costs.

Note regional price differences in construction workers' wages! Also keep in mind that excavation on rocky terrain or on a waterway can be expensive.

What does a cellar cost? Standard values ​​for the standard model

  • Costs for excavation 80 sqm with good soil conditions: about 4,000 EUR.
  • Complete cellar 80 sqm: around 30,000 EUR
  • Complete cellar 120 sqm: around 40,000 EUR
  • Expansion cellar 80 sqm: around 25,000 EUR
  • Expansion cellar 120 sqm: around 35,000 EUR
  • Shared cellar 80 sqm: around 18,000 EUR
  • Mitbaukeller 120 sqm: around 25,000 EUR

Price example for a complete prefabricated cellar

On a building plot with a solid floor without large stones and without a water supply, a single-family house with a surface area of ​​120 square meters is created. The client decides in favor of a complete basement in prefabricated construction.

Costs overviewPrice
1. Excavation6.550 EUR
2. 120 square meters Prefabricated cellar39.850 EUR
Total46.400 EUR

Preisvergleich Kellerbau is worth it!

In a cost-intensive project such as the construction of a ready-made cellar is definitely worth a price comparison. Let us submit you several offers, but also browse the price lists on the Internet. Where do you get the best performance at the lowest price?

Tips & Tricks Have you ever considered a partial basement? If you limit yourself to the bare minimum, you can minimize your costs. Washing machine and central heating do not need much space, maybe there is a small storage room.
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