How much is the painter's painting cost? The prices per square meter

Painting walls in one's own home is labor-intensive and often does not lead to the desired success. If you order a painter, it will be easier and more satisfied with the result. Where are the sqm prices for the paint?

You have to calculate these prices per square meter for the painter

Most painting companies calculate the price for a painting according to the square meters of the area to be painted, not according to the living space.

Since the painter must first carefully mask the windows and doors, they are normally not deducted from the square footage - unless they are particularly large panorama windows.

Calculate for the painter a price of about 7 - 9 EUR per square meter, including VAT and material. If you want more than just a single coat of paint, the price increases accordingly.

Sample project: Painter sweeps entire apartment

A flat owner renovates his rooms. Its total wall area is 180 square meters, plus 75 square meters of ceiling. The living room has elaborate moldings on the ceiling, which must also be painted.

Costs overviewPrice
1. 180 sqm painting walls1.440 EUR
2. 75 sqm ceiling painting630 EUR
3. Painting moldings150 EUR
Total2220 EUR

Self-employment instead of painters: Do not lower the price per square meter with cheap paint ! Painting walls is not a particularly difficult task: if you follow a few manual rules, you can achieve a nice result while saving money.

But choose the wall paint with care and pay attention to the opacity: Cheap paint usually does not cover the first second coat. However, the price advantage is no longer given by repeated strike - and you invest a lot of work.

Tips & TricksIf you hire a painter to paint, you can claim the labor costs for tax purposes. Ask the painter to separate the material and labor costs separately for this purpose in his invoice.

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