How much electricity does a waterbed consume?

It is always cuddly warm, the waterbed. It is heated around the clock. That certainly costs a lot of electricity, right? How much electricity does a waterbed consume? And is not that dangerous, water and electricity? We examined it for you.

All water beds have an integrated heater. Imagine, you would put in winter on 300 to 700 liters of cold water - your body can not warm up at all. In addition, the heat causes the sweated water to evaporate and so the bed does not get wet. Therefore, it is important in summer with warm temperature not to turn off the heating.

Power consumption

Power consumption varies depending on the type of heater installed. In general, however, the heating of the waterbed can not be expected to cost more than 12 euros per month. Although the water is warm around the clock, the heating only works for about two to six hours a day. Waterbeds are usually very well insulated, so once the water is warm the water loses heat very slowly.

Example calculation

For a dual waterbed with two heaters and a size of 180x200cm, assuming an average temperature of 28 ° C, a consumption of 460kWh per year is assumed. With an electricity price of 29.75 cents / kWh, that's 137 euros per year. This is in comparison to other additional costs very little importance.

Sleep with radiations?

Waterbeds are normally GS-TÜV approved and low in radiation. However, if you prefer to sleep in the waterbed at night without electricity, you can easily switch off the heating at night. Many models come with built-in timepiece, where you can set yourself when you want to have the waterbed off the electricity. Due to the good insulation, the waterbed cools down to a maximum of one degree overnight.

Electricity and water - dangerous combination?

Water and electricity are separated several times in the case of water beds: the heating system is waterproof and all power lines and connections are protected from the water by the water mattress and the protective trough. Even if the waterbed should leak, the water will only run into the protective sump. In addition, the entire waterbed is grounded.

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