How much does a semi-detached house cost as a prefabricated house?

In addition to a single-family dwelling, the duplex house is a very popular way of getting to one's own four walls. But what does it cost anyway; what advantages and disadvantages does it bring? In this article you will learn the advantages, weaknesses and average costs of a finished semi-detached house.

The main criterion: The costs

Damp the middle wall

The biggest disadvantage of a semi-detached house is the often lack of sound insulation; annoying noises of the neighbor disturb the day and night. Therefore, you should agree with the other builders to invest in a well-insulated middle wall.

Another disadvantage is the limited freedom of design: In contrast to a single-family home, you have to coordinate with your neighbor when designing the windows, the roof or the exterior wall.

The costs

The following overview shows the costs for an average finished semi-detached house with a floor area of ​​180 square meters and a plot size of 600 square meters.

Price overviewPrice
1st plot 600 sqm, developed45,000 EUR
2nd duplex, floor space 180 sqm, turnkey270,000 EUR
3rd outside works (garden, terrace etc.)15,000 EUR
4. Formalities (notary, land transfer tax etc.)10,000 EUR
5. Special insulation of the middle wall10,000 EUR
6. Other20,000 EUR
Total370,000 EUR

In this example, you would have to pay half, ie 185,000 EUR.

Tips & TricksLook at the model houses of the prefabricated house providers to get a better idea of ​​houses, especially semi-detached houses.
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