How much does an electric night storage heater cost?

Electric night storage heating is not considered the cheapest way to keep a house warm. However, the initial costs are relatively low - and considering some rules, the user can save electricity.

The electric night storage heater: costs and facts

In many old buildings, a night storage heater was installed to replace the then usual coal stove. The heating was charged at the cheaper night rate, then to donate heat during the day.

The fact that the old buildings, however, have a poor thermal insulation compared to new buildings, drives up the electricity costs for electric night storage heaters. The old devices are also usually oversized and have an outdated technology.

A modern electric night storage heater costs - compared to other types of heating - little in the purchase, I can install quickly and requires only minor maintenance. Effective thermal insulation is a prerequisite for the cost-effectiveness of this type of heating system.

Register your heating with the electricity provider for the low night tariff. On very cold days, there are sometimes extra recharge times per day, which you should discuss with your electricity supplier.

Costs for a modern electric night storage heater with the example

In a well-insulated, 100 square meter apartment, a modern night storage stove is to be installed. To heat the living space about 120 W per square meter and year are needed.

Saving tips for the night storage heater

Save energy costs with an automatic charge control. This technical extra ensures that only as much heat is stored in the oven as necessary. An outside temperature sensor ensures exact control. Old devices can be retrofitted.

Always make sure that the ventilation grille of the heater is not set for the heater to work effectively. Ventilate regularly to reduce the humidity in the home. If you go to work during the day, they will lower the thermostat to about 16 degrees.

Tips & TricksTo further reduce energy consumption, you should avoid frequent switching on and off of the blower. The air duct requires regular cleaning!
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Price overviewPrice
1. Acquisition costs for the devices2,600 EUR
2. Installation800 EUR
3. Power costsAbout 1,800 EUR per year