How high may a single-family home be?

Whether the design of the roof or the ceiling height - the total height of a detached house plays a role in many matters. In this article you will learn how the height of a detached house comes about and what you should pay attention to when building.

The importance of building regulations

What is the average single-family home?

The total height of your single-family dwelling essentially consists of the floor heights and the roof. If the ground floor and the first floor each have a height of 2.60, ceilings and the floor slab are taken into account and the roof (height about 3 meters) is included, the height is about 10 meters.

The roof shape

Since you have a very large selection of roofs for single-family homes, their height can vary greatly. While a classic saddle roof is relatively space-saving, pointed roof shapes are usually higher and serve the optical purpose. Of course it is good if you proceed individually at your house, but unfortunately you are somewhat limited in these matters.

As you can see, the height of a detached house is made up of various factors and is usually lower than other house types. It is limited by the building regulations of your city.

Tips & TricksPresent model houses to get a feeling for different heights and to better evaluate the factors.
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