One of the favorite materials: Titanium zinc downpipes

Titanium zinc is an alloy of zinc with small amounts of titanium and copper. The relatively inexpensive material has a high life expectancy and has all the characteristics required of a downpipe. In a more expensive preweathered version, however, it does reach the price of copper.

Alloying and Pre-Weathering

The ideal properties of zinc, such as the enormous corrosion resistance and longevity, are complemented by alloying with titanium and copper. The naturally pronounced strong expansion behavior of zinc is thereby reduced as well as the brittleness, which can lead to surface cracks and fine material fractures.

A special type of pretreatment pre-empts a natural process and additionally enhances corrosion resistance. Titanium zinc reacts with the air over the years and, similar to copper, develops a protective patina layer on the surface. With pre-weathering, this process is artificially induced in advance. The effort significantly increases the prices for downspouts and gutters.

Durability and sensitivity

Titanium zinc is very durable even when in direct contact with the ground, and if the downpipe is to direct the rainwater directly into the ground by means of a spout, the end piece can easily remain undamaged in the ground for years.

One of the few sensitivities of titan zinc is contact with copper or water that has previously passed through copper channels. Titanium zinc should not be combined with other metals.

The standard thickness of the titanium zinc sheets from which downpipes are made is 0.7 millimeters. While the accessories such as brackets and fasteners usually consist of galvanized steel, downspouts and gutters are often chosen from pure titanium zinc to take advantage of the enormous durability.

Price examples

  • In the meter costs downpipe of titanium zinc from seven to twenty euros.
  • At the downpipes are available from eight euros per meter.
Tips & TricksFor almost all zinc drop pipes offered, these are titanium zinc products.
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