A copper roof gutter brings a touch of luxury

The reddish shiny gutters made of copper are regarded as a luxury. They show a typical patina after a few years, this protective layer makes them even more resistant. Of course, the factors longevity and freedom from maintenance also have their price, but it pays off over the years.

The benefits

The relatively high initial cost of a copper gutter should not alone be crucial in the selection of the material. Durability, quality, freedom from maintenance, insensitivity to environmental influences and acid resistance are the advantages offered by copper.

For all cases

A copper gutter can be adapted to all circumstances of the house, a cleaning and inspection once a year is sufficient. In addition, this substance is recyclable. Kupfer Available are copper channels in semicircular form, as box gutters or as semicircular stretchers. Accessories such as gutter angle, downpipes, Einhangstutzen, expansion joints and gutter bracket are also on offer from the manufacturer.

One- and two-family houses are equipped with semicircular gutters in the size RG 125 and 100, for garden sheds, awnings around garages chest gutters RG 70 are recommended. The downpipe is chosen according to the gutter size.


Meanwhile, systems are also on the market that no longer need to be soldered and welded by a specialist, but are joined together by plugging. Required are various tools such as drill, hacksaw, hammer and tape measure, as well as pliers for bending.

gutters made of copper

extremely durable

  • insensitive to external influences
  • very resilient
  • visually appealing
  • quick and easy to install even by do-it-yourselfers
  • prices for copper gutters at Internet providers

at baustoffshop.de the lfm copper roof gutter costs 7 pieces 127 mm diameter, 21.37 euros.

  • At hoba-baustoffe.com there is a copper gutter, 3 meters long for 68.87 euros a piece.
  • Hbw-handel.de offers a semicircular 3-meter copper channel for 63.37 euros.
  • dachdeckermarkt24.de has copper gutters in its range. The price for a 10-piece gutter with 200 mm is 22,70 Euro, the 6-piece with 200 mm is 35, - Euro.
  • Tips & TricksCopper reacts in conjunction with other metals. It is recommended to use only one metal on the roof. Otherwise, there is a risk of corrosion, which affects the life of the gutter. The combination with steel, lead or aluminum should be avoided if possible.
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